Improve Your Finances with Consumer Credit Counseling

Oct 10, 2013 by

consumer credit counseling can help protect your money

Like many Americans, you may have high credit card debt. This situation is not unusual, so you don’t have to feel ashamed of it. There is help out there, and it’s called credit management.

You credit situation is very important to many aspects of your life. If future employers ask to do a credit check before you can qualify for a new job, a low credit score could prevent you from gaining the position. When you apply to rent an apartment, the manager will also do a credit check. If the report shows that you have several negative entries, it may be difficult to find someone who will agree to rent to you.

The Point of Credit Management

You could benefit from credit management if you fit into the description above. You may have heard that you can obtain a free credit report every year from each of the three major credit bureaus, but you may not know what you need to do with these reports. Your counselor will start by showing you how to obtain these reports.

After you get your credit reports, you also need to know how to read them. A consumer credit counseling plan from a place like CreditGuard is instrumental in helping people understand what is written in these documents. There may be errors that are driving your scores down. Once you learn whether or not this is the case, your counselor can help you correct them.

Learning What Your Rights Are

The credit industry is regulated by the government, and there are laws that protect you and your rights. If you are having a problem in any area and someone is violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act, your counselor can inform you of this fact and help you ensure that others are reporting the correct information about you.

Discovering How to Increase Your Credit Scores

Entering into consumer credit counseling is one way you can learn how to improve your credit score. Your counselor will help you set up a budget that allows you to establish a good payment history. With this accomplished, your credit scores will begin to rise.

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